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Yuichi Kawada
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Kosten: € 1.100,- | Lesdata: Shiatsu Niveau 4 | Docent Yuichi Kawada |

Start: August 1, 2019
A special year with Yuichi Kawada Sensei (author – Essential Shiatsu), accredited as postgraduate education- higher vocational education begina July 31st. A profound study of the eight extra meridians, the history thereof, and application in practice and diagnosis.

Yuichi Kawada Sensei, accredited by the ministry of health in Japan,  is a distinguished teacher of Oriental medicinal knowledge and its history. He is one of the most experienced Japanese teachers in Europe.  Through his practical experience, he discovered the connection between the twelve main meridians and the eight Curious Vessels. Based on this, he developed eight Do-In exercises for stretching the Curious Vessels. His experiments with these meridians are remarkably effective.

The year with Sensei Kawada is now also accredited as postgraduate education for Shiatsu therapists, acupuncturists and TCM students and therapists. It is considered a valuable and important addition to the history and depth of effective diagnostics and treatment. Participants are initiated into knowledge and practice not found in other European education because of Yuichi Kawada’s lifelong study starting with his father’s influence as a practitioner and deeply rich knowledge and experience of the roots of the Oriental approach in preventive treatment and teaching.


Is taught by the Japanese Sensei Kawada and treats the eight “Curious” Vessels. The special workings of these meridians (also known as wonder meridians) are studied extensively.

The techniques taught in the previous years are brought together coherently and fluently. The student is expected to be well able to work with and manipulate Ki.

Practical aspect

  • The anatomical course and workings of the eight Curious Vessels.
  • Localising the Curious Vessels and their entrance and connecting points.
  • Indication of the acute-, chronic- and source points.
  • Manipulations and stretchings of the Curious Vessels.

Theoretical aspect

  • The connection between the twelve meridians and the eight Curious Vessels
  • The relation between Shiatsu and the I-Ching
  • Treatment methods for specific symptoms in relation to the Curious Vessels
  • Extended course material (bilingual English and Nederlands) will be distributed to course members

Programme of the course days

All course days include special meridian exercises, theoretical and intense practical tuition. Two fully qualified assistants who speak English and Dutch will be present to help students. Each weekend day begins at 10.00 and ends at 17.00 with a lunch break from 13.30-14.30

1st  2  days Anatomical course of the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel with diagnosis
2nd 2 days Anatomical course of the Yang Ankle Vessel and the Yin Ankle Vessel with diagnosis
3rd 2 days Anatomical flow of the Belt Vessel and the Through Going Vessel with diagnosis
4th and 5th
      3 days each
During the 4th and 5th – 3 day weekends attention will be paid to various subjects related to the Curious Vessels. The following will be discussed, among other topics: with diagnosis
  • Anatomical flow of the Yang Linking Vessel and the Yin Linking Vessel with diagnosis
  • The use of several combinations of points
  • Studying of the gate-points
  • Studying of the seven energy centres in relation to the Curious Vessels
  • Studying of the ‘Magic square’ in relation to diagnosis
  • Studying of the I-Ching in relation to Oriental diagnosis

Postgraduate education
(incl. non refundable € 350,- registration costs). Full course payment a month before the start date of the course, results in a discount of  € 45,- administration costs.

We Offer the following : Registering with two persons for the complete year with Kawada sensei (at least one of the two persons needs to be an introduce and entirely new to the school), results in a discount of € 100,- for each person.

Discounts do not apply for the above described separate days/weekends of this year except for registered members of the Zhong, BATC, NWP, VBAG, LVNG and NVST who will receive 10% discount on any chosen post graduate course education with us.

A part of the course per day € 85,- (not discountable)
Fully discounted full course price would be € 955,- plus 10% discount for registered members of associations could be € 859,50

EXAMINATION and hbo diploma and/or certificates of study description and hours are possible if needed. Please contact us at with any questions.

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Recommended literature for level 4 can be found on the page Boekenlijst (list of books).

You can download the flyer here: A special year with Y. Kawada Sensei

Kosten: € 1.100,- | Lesdata: Shiatsu Niveau 4 | Docent Yuichi Kawada |

Start: 1 augustus 2019
Het vierde en laatste studiejaar wordt gedoceerd door de Japanse Sensei Kawada en staat in het teken van de acht “Curious” Vessels. Er wordt intensief aandacht besteed aan de bijzondere werking van deze meridianen.

De aangeboden technieken uit de voorgaande jaren worden in dit jaar samengebracht tot een vloeiend geheel. Er wordt van de student verwacht dat hij in staat is om optimaal met ki te kunnen werken en manipuleren.


  • Het anatomische verloop en de werking van de acht wondermeridianen.
  • De lokalisatie van de wondermeridianen en hun ingangs- en verbindingspunten.
  • Indicatie van de acute-, chronische- en bronpunten.
  • Manipulaties en strekkingen voor de wondermeridianen.


  • De samenhang tussen de 12 basismeridianen en de acht Curious Vessels.
  • De relatie tussen Shiatsu en de I-Ching.
  • Behandelmethoden voor specifieke klachten in verband met de wondermeridianen.

Indeling lesdagen

1e periode van 6 dagen:
Anatomisch verloop van de Governing Vessel en Conception Vessel en Diagnose.
Anatomisch verloop van de Yang Ankle Vessel en de Yin Ankle Vessel en Diagnose.
Anatomisch verloop van de Belt Vessel en Through going (penetrating) Vessel en Diagnose.

2e en 3e periode van elk 3 dagen:
Anatomisch verloop van de Yang Linking Vessel en de Yin Linking Vessel en Diagnose.

Gedurende het tweede en derde segment van 3 dagen wordt aandacht besteed aan diverse onderwerpen gerelateerd aan de Curious Vessels. Aan de orde komen onder andere:

– Gebruik van diverse combinaties van punten;
– Bestudering van de Gate-points;
– Bestudering van de zeven Ki (energie)centra in relatie tot de Curious Vessels;
– Bestudering van het ‘Magic square’ in relatie tot diagnose;
– Bestudering van de I-Ching in relatie tot oosterse diagnose.

Bijscholing / 4e jaar van de NSKS hbo shiatsu-opleiding
(incl. € 350,00 inschrijfgeld). Bij betaling in een keer,
een maand voor aanvang, geldt een korting van € 45,00.
Gespreide betaling is mogelijk.
AANBIEDING : Bij aanmelding met twee personen voor het jaar met Kawada sensei (waarvan een van de personen een introducé is en tevens nog niet bekend is met en door de school), geldt een korting van € 100,- per persoon. Voor onderdelen (aparte dagen) van het jaar is dat een 12e deel van de prijs.
(Voor het deelnemen aan onderdelen zijn kortingen niet van toepassing.)
€ 1100,-


€ 85,-

Aanbevolen literatuur voor dit opleidingsjaar vind je op de pagina Boekenlijst.

Je kan de flyer hier downloaden: Een bijzonder jaar met Y. Kawada Sensei


About Instructor

  • Yuichi Kawada

    Yuichi Kawada was born in Sano City, in the Japanese province of Tochigi , in May 1946. From an early age, he discovered the art of Shiatsu alongside his father, Kotaro Kawada, a well-known therapist in Japan. At the age of 18, he attended the Nippon Shiatsu School, where he was taught by Tokujiro Namikoshi ( founder of the Nippon Shiatsu School), Shizuto Masunaga (founder of IOKAI) and Tadashi Izawa, author of “Anpukuzukai” (Diagnosis and Treatment of the stomach, applications of Shiatsu).