The classrooms in our school are equipped with three professional air cleaning devices. The devices suck in all the air and filter the sucked in air through a HEPA filter that makes all viruses harmless and kills them with specific UV-C light, which damages the DNA / RNA structure of the virus and prevents it from multiplying. The devices are working 24 hours a day.

Of course we cannot guarantee that a device will catch a virus particle before someone has been able to inhale it, but it significantly reduces the chance because infection occurs through clusters of droplets or aerosols (which are also collected by the air purifiers).

Read more about how these air cleaning devices work.
Download our Corona protocol
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Agenda NSKS Shiatsu 2020

Open day 2021:  Date to be announced!

Dates of the weekends of the Shiatsu Therapist Diploma  2020

Due to the Coronavirus, we stopped all our courses in March 2020. Now that the measures in our country have been relaxed by the government, we will continue the diploma course weekend classes, basic courses and other seminars as of 1 September, 2020. We will maintain all measures taken by the RIVM / Dutch government. For us this means that we start in smaller groups with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students in the Dojo; they may bring their own exercise partner from the same household. If the students want to make up for their missed lesson weekend (s), they and their practice partners must notify us of their attendance by email. In addition, students and their exercise partners must adhere to the “Corona Protocol of the NSKS”.

Following are the dates for all levels Fall 2020:
* = number of weekend

Lestijden: 10.00 uur – 17.00 uur

1A, 2020 1B, 2020 2B, 2020 3B, 2019/2020 4 2019/2020
12 & 13 september,*4 03 & 04 oktober (* 1) 03 & 04 oktober (*6) wordt hervat op
17 & 18 oktober, *5 24 & 25 oktober (*2) 19 t/m 21 maart 2021
7 & 8 november, *6 21 & 22 november (*3) 23 to 25 April 2021
(Friday to Sunday)
Examination 1A Examination 1B Examination 2B Examination 3B Examen & herexamen
Saturday 12 December Zaterdag  mei 2021 Saturday 19 December Sunday 20 December 11 september 2020


1A, 2021 2B, 2020/2021 3B, 2020/2021  4, 2021
19 t/m 21 maart
23 to 25 April
6 achtereenvolgende
05 & 06 September 26 & 27 September dagen van
10 & 11 October 24 & 25 October 1 to 6 August (Sat to Thu)
14 & 15 November 21 & 22 November (zondag t/m vrijdag)

The missing dates for the diploma course weekend classes of all levels in 2021, will be announced later.

All students of all levels who have not yet taken their examination / exam because of this Coronavirus, can simply move on to the next level and continue their studies.

For students who want to progress to Level 4, they can enroll on March 19, 2021, after they have attended all weekend classes on August 6, completed their studies and participated in the examination / exam.

Lestijden: 10.00 uur – 17.00 uur

Oriental Diagnosis SeminarsDiagnosis Evenings with Alan Nash (maximum of 10 students in the Dojo including one person brought for diagnosis)

Saturday and Sunday
, 28 & 29 November
Start at 10.00 to 17.00 (2 diagnosis sessions a day). Costs € 185,00 per diagnosis weekend.

Thursday evenings start from 19.30 to 22.30. Costs € 39,50 per diagnosis evening.
3 September and 8 October with Alan Nask (maximum of 10 students in the Dojo including one person from the same household for diagnosis).).

These seminars also count as postgraduate courses (five evenings or one entire weekend).
You can register here.

Meridian Seminar 2021 with Alan Nash

Saturday and Sunday
, August 21 & 22 2021 from 10.00 to 17.00. Costs € 185.00.
This seminar also counts as postgraduate course. (maximum of 10 students in the Dojo).
You can register here.

Moxa seminars with Alan Nash and Anushka Hofman. These seminars count as postgraduate courses and are accredited by KTNO, NVST , LVNG, VVET en ZHONG.

2020: Sunday, December 6 with Anushka Hofman, from 10.00 till 17.00. Costs € 90,- (maximum of 10 students in the Dojo).
Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

Location:  N.S.K.S., Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 197-199, Den Haag

“Residence Seminar Lunteren”
This seminar counts as postgraduate course and accredited.

Date for the Lunteren Residence Seminar to be announced later. Minimum reservation for 20 participants. In case this Seminar is not fully booked, the NSKS preserves the right to cancel and to reschedule this Seminar to the next Residence Seminar Lunteren. There is No restitution of the tuition fee. Student, who already has paid the whole amount will participate in the next scheduled Residence Seminar Lunteren (without additional charges).

You can register here.

Workshop Japanese Medicinal Cooking led by Anushka Hofman with Bini Sharman & Danielle Walkenbach. Accredited by KTNO, NVST, LVNG, VVET, ZHONG (TCM), CAT & Shiatsu Vereniging Nederland.

2021: Date to be announced.

Time: from 10.00 to 17.00. Costs € 90,00.
Location: N.S.K.S., Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 197-199, Den Haag
Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

Basic course Shiatsu and DO-IN (8 lessons) with Alan Nash

We zullen alle maatregelen handhaven die zijn gemaakt door de RIVM/Overheid. Hier gelden dus dezelfde regels als voor de lessen van de beroepsopleiding.

Wednesday evening, start 28 oktober van 20.00 uur tot 22.00 uur.
Costs € 140,- (when you bring a new student along, you each get € 5,- discount)..

The basic course starts with a maximum number of 10 students (5 couples each from home - so “safe partners”) in the Dojo; live video classes are also taught via Zoom for students who cannot attend. They are then virtually present and can simply participate. Participation takes place through registration on our website and also check the NSKS Corona Protocol. For the students who had to miss the last 2 evening classes last March, please let us know when you want to make up for these missed classes.

You can register here.

DO-IN course for men and women (8 lessons) met Anushka Hofman – startdatum volgt zie

Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

DO-IN course for Women (16 lessons) met Anushka Hofman – startdatum volgt zie

Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

DO-IN workshops data volgen zie

locatie: de N.S.K.S., Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 197-199, Den Haag.

Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

DO-IN on Terschelling datum volgt zie

Registration: | 070-347 01 88 | |

Shiatsu and Do-In Practice (16 evenings) on Monday evening from 20.00 to 22.00.

The N.S.K.S. practicing sessions on Monday evening are very successful.

On the 31 August after our Open day we will start again. The last evening is on the 14th of December. We organize these Monday evenings - free of charge - for all of our active & enthusiastic students following their Diploma Course at the N.S.K.S. They have to register for joining Monday evening by email a/o by phone at the Secretariat of the School mentioning the dates they want to be present. The school will keep this list with the practicing hours you made on the Monday exercise evenings. We will count these hours and at the end of your Shiatsu Study the students are allowed to deliver their 300 practicing hours less these hours you made on these Monday evenings. . kosten verbonden aan deelname aan deze maandagavonden. Van de aanwezige studenten wordt een intekenlijst bijgehouden waarop je naam en studiejaar worden genoteerd. De gemaakte oefenuren worden door ons gezien en genoteerd als je praktijkuren. Aanmeldingen voor deze oefenavonden per e-mail via het Secretariaat.

The same RIVM /Dutch Government rules apply here as well (minimum of 5 students maximum of 10 students in the Dojo, 5 couples each from one household, so - "safe partners").