The classrooms in our school are equipped with three professional air cleaning devices. The devices suck in all the air and filter the sucked in air through a HEPA filter that makes all viruses harmless and kills them with specific UV-C light, which damages the DNA / RNA structure of the virus and prevents it from multiplying. The devices are working 24 hours a day.

Of course we cannot guarantee that a device will catch a virus particle before someone has been able to inhale it, but it significantly reduces the chance because infection occurs through clusters of droplets or aerosols (which are also collected by the air purifiers).

Read more about how these air cleaning devices work.
Download our Corona protocol
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Basis Course Shiatsu and Do-IN

The N.S.K.S. wants to make shiatsu available to everyone.


The birthplace of shiatsu originally lies with the "normal man". To this day, it is common in rural Japan and China that people treat each other with shiatsu. In Japan, people go to shiatsu therapists before going to the doctor.

The N.S.K.S. wants to make shiatsu accessible and bring it to the attention of a wide audience.

For years, the NSKS has hardly raised the tuition fees and is the cheapest diploma course in the Netherlands. This way, everyone can benefit from the art of healing themselves and others and staying healthy.

The basic and family course consists of 8 classes of 2 hours. The first hour is spent on Do-In, featuring “Ki” development and meridian stretches. Want to know more about DO-IN? Visit our page DO-IN.
The second hour is spent on demonstration and practice of the basic techniques of Classical Shiatsu, with another student. This course is given 4 times a year. Each of the 4 courses deals with the teachings in a specific position in the following order during a year:

1. Front lying position
2. Back lying position
3. Sitting position
4. Side lying position

For whom?
Every person older then 12, bodily fit or not, can participate in the basic and family course. Participants will need to bring easy fitting clothes, preferable without big buttons or other protrusions that can get in the way. Cotton clothing is advised but not mandatory.

Time: Wednesday evening from 20.00 to 22.00 hours.

For more information on course dates and costs go to basic course or have a look at the N.S.K.S. agenda.

Discount for two!

Would you like to participate in the basic and family course and you don’t want to come alone? Bring a friend or family members and each of you will receive a discount. Should you want to participate in multiple successive basic and family courses (min. 2 and max. 4), the discount also applies if you register by yourself.

Discount on the vocational training for basic and family course students!

There is a special discount applicable to loyal students. At registration before the end of the basic and family course, the amount paid for the basis and family course will be used as a discount on the costs of the vocational education. You can find more information and a Gift form here.