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Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience and all your compliments for making our season finish so enjoyable on Zoom. Don't forget, we still have some room for the start of our diploma course in Classical Shiatsu. All levels will be starting in our new season. There is also some room for people to join the magical and deep learning at our 6 day seminar Lunteren in the Hague. Take a look here for more information.

Congratulations for your achievements and advancement. It made us all feel so good. So now it's time for a little bit of rest after all the efforts on your part and my thanks to the NSKS team which has performed so well in spite of Corona. So far, everyone who attended classes online has not been infected and the few who did get infected have recovered using the knowledge they have learned in the study at our school.

We get such good reports from everyone and we have tried to help everyone in getting to the next level of awareness in oriental diagnosis. Some of you have made remarkable advances. Arigato gozai maste for us all.


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