Start shiatsu 2B sept 2020

The first day our school opened with the meridian level in our diploma course live in the Dojo. So good to see them all again. Our feeling of shiatsu live again was moving. Thank you all so much. Borrowing a line out of the wisdom of a dedicated father from the film Mulan. You cannot have courage if there is no fear. Welcome again the courageous students and their teacher all of whom really enjoyed their first day after waiting a half a year working with the meridian of the lung. See for yourself.

Teacher Sebastiaan: "It was wonderfull to be back at the Nederlandse School voor Klassieke Shiatsu and stand in front of a group of people eager and hungry enough to invest and investigate into the nature of our being and the way of ki in these challenging times. Once somebody told me courage is a love affair with the unknown... The students who attended this weekend were seriously in love, focussed and in search of that which gives true meaning to life. And in a way which is safe for themselves and the people around them, regarding all the safety protocols for Covid 19. Thank you all for attending, your courage and dedication. Untill next time, stay safe."


The classrooms in our school are equipped with three professional air cleaning devices. The devices suck in all the air and filter the sucked in air through a HEPA filter that makes all viruses harmless and kills them with specific UV-C light, which damages the DNA / RNA structure of the virus and prevents it from multiplying. The devices are working 24 hours a day.

Of course we cannot guarantee that a device will catch a virus particle before someone has been able to inhale it, but it significantly reduces the chance because infection occurs through clusters of droplets or aerosols (which are also collected by the air purifiers).

Read more about how these air cleaning devices work.
Download our Corona protocol 

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