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Are you still contemplating joining in the level 1 vocational training to become a shiatsu therapist?

Do yourself a favour and make that decision!

Shiatsu enhances the self-healing capacity of the body. With a shiatsu treatment you remove the blockages in the energy channels so that the life energy "Ki" can flow freely again. It gives great satisfaction to be able to positively influence the quality of a person's life in this way.

You will learn to master the professional competences and study traditional oriental medicine and philosophy. It's more than just a way to learn a good profession, it gives you insights that lead to personal growth.

Shiatsu is the quiet power that heals. Welcome this special power into your life and register for the level 1 shiatsu course starting October 12, 2019. You can find all information on this page: Shiatsu level 1

Bring a friend and earn € 100,-
The healing art of shiatsu is there for everyone. That's why the NSKS offers a €100,- reward* to every student that introduces a friend to this course**. That is what we call the healing art of sharing.

*The Reward will be payed out when the full amount of the tuition fee has been payed by the new student .
**This offer only applies if the new student registers for one of the levels of the vocational training (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th)

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