Shiatsu niveau 1 4 april 2020kopie

The start of the first level shiatsu diploma course is postponed!

For six weekends spread throughout the year, you'll immerse yourself in the healing art of Shiatsu. During these weekends you'll experience with like-minded students how you can heal the body with simple treatments and you experiment with different postures and touch. You will learn to remove blockages in the energy channels with a shiatsu treatment and activate the self-healing capacity of the body, so that the life energy "Ki" can flow freely again.

Personal growth and inner satisfaction

shiatsu level 1Even if you don't want to become a shiatsu therapist, this training is a valuable way to learn something that makes you feel good. You can use these skills to help your family and friends, just like people in Japan have been doing for hundreds of years. The lessons are full of knowledge, Eastern philosophy and exercises to put what you have learned into practice. They are also a lot of fun! Experience peace, balance, connection and gather valuable insights that will help you further on your life path.

Register now, so that you can be sure that you can participate on 4 April!


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