Moxa Seminar

Alan Nash
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Required part of the N.S.K.S. Shiatsu diploma course. Accredited at hbo level.
Costs: € 90,- |
Zondag 5 december 2021 met ANUSHKA HOFMAN | Zaterdag 26 februari 2022 met ALAN NASH |Tijd: 11:00 – 17:00 uur |


Moxa seminars are organised twice a year. Moxibustion is part of Oriental medicine; it is a complementary and strengthening method that is used with many inconveniences and weaknesses. It was originally developed in the northern, colder part of China. It is still used daily in China. Moxibustion mostly involves the use of Moxa, which is dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). Shiatsu practitioners use Moxa in two different forms: Moxa pressed into cigar-like sticks, and Moxa looking like “wool” combined with slices of ginger. Many forms of pain and slowed-down functioning respond very well to a Moxa treatment.

The Moxa Seminar examines the theory, use and applications of Moxa. The student will discover the possibilities of using moxa, in practice. The different applications are shown and practiced on each other.

This seminar is taught by one of the two senior teachers and two assistants. They work with odorless Moxa cigars and also use more traditional methods with "wool-like" Moxa and slices of ginger.

About Instructor

  • Alan Nash

    Alan Nash was born in London on May 14, 1946 and came to the Netherlands in 1979 as a computer expert. He chose a different path and followed a study "Bio-metabolism European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients" with Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar and Shiatsu training at Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. He then studied traditional oriental medicine and diagnostics under Yuichi Kawada Sensei and Kazunori Sasaki. He graduated cum laude and founded the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu. In the years that followed, Alan specialized in treating patients who cannot be helped within mainstream medicine.
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