Shiatsu level 2

Sebastiaan van Leeuwen
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Costs: € 1.100,- | start: 3 september |Lesdata: Shiatsu Niveau 2 |Docent Sebastiaan van Leeuwen | Lestijden van 10.00 – 17.00 uur |

Level 2, 2021 starts on 3 September with the Course in 3 blocks of 4 consecutive days from Friday to Monday:
3 t/m 6 september; 15 t/m 18 oktober en 5 t/m 8 november. Examen: Zaterdag 18 december 2021


The study of the meridian system is the central topic in the second year. The aim is to acquire a correct insight into the workings of the energetic system.

The twelve meridians are studied following the system of master Masunaga. The student learns the principles of the difference between feeling and character of the organs and meridians and of the channels themselves. Besides the trajectories of the main meridians, the tsubos are also localised. In this phase, the focus is more on feeling and experiencing the meridians than on specific points. The tsubos serve more as reference points while following the trajectory of the meridian. Explanations of the points are passed on during the lessons.


All the Shiatsu basic techniques and Do-in from the first year is developed further and enhanced. The emphasis is on the development of feeling and the deepening of the understanding of Ki and Hara. The following will be discussed, among other topics:

  • Anatomical flow of the meridians
  • The localisation of the meridians and the specific tsubos
  • The connection between the two hands and the development of Ki-feeling


In the second year a large amount of theory will be studied. The following will be discussed, among other topics:

  • The nature of the meridians and their energetic, physical and psychological functions
  • Introduction to the principles of the five transformations
  • Introduction to the role of food following the principals of yin and yang and the five elements
  • Introduction to the specific bo-points, yu-points, source points, sei-points and element points
  • Expansion of diagnostics with the use of the five elements


1st weekend: The Metal element and the meridians Lung & Large intestine in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

2nd weekend: The Earth element and the meridians Stomach & Spleen in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

3rd weekend: Imperial fire element and the meridians Heart & Small Intestine in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

4th weekend: Ministerial fire element and the meridians Hard Constrictor & Triple Heater in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

5th weekend: The Water element and the meridians Kidney & Bladder in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

6th weekend: The Wood element and the meridians Liver & Gallbladder in relation to a surplus or a shortage of Yin and Yang (ki).

Here you can find the course dates Shiatsu Level 2A and 2B
You will find the recommended literature for this course on the booklist page.


About Instructor

  • Sebastiaan van Leeuwen

    Sebastiaan van Leeuwen came to the NSKS for the first time in 2001 to take a basic Shiatsu and DO-IN course with Alan Nash. His interest in Eastern disciplines had grown ever greater after he started Aikido in 1999 with Aikido Dojo ShiZenRyu. Because of this interest and his desire for further personal development, he came to the NSKS. From the first step he took within this school, he already knew that he would be studying this art for the rest of his life.
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