Shiatsu level 3

Alan Nash
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Course Description

Costs: € 1100,- | starts 17 september | Course dates: Shiatsu Niveau 3 |  Lestijden van 10.00 – 17.00 uur |

Level 3, 2021 starts on 17 September with the Course in 3 blocks of 4 consecutive days from Friday to Monday:
17 t/m 20 september; 8 t/m 11 oktober en 12 t/m 15 november. Examen: Zondag 19 december 2021.


The third year is taught by Alan Nash and the focus is on diagnosis with the use of Setsu-Shin. Attention is given to Hara-diagnosis and the confirmation of these observations through back-diagnosis. The student learns to assess the general condition and that of the organs with the use of the hands and fingers on four levels.

  • Introduction to hara-diagnosis with the use of Setsu-Shin.
  • Hara-diagnosis with confirmation of Setsu-Shin on specific areas of the back.
  • Hara- and back-diagnosis in relation to organic and psychological aspects of the five elements.
  • Connections of yu-points and bo-points.
  • Eastern manipulations techniques.
  • Treatment principles such as tonification and sedation.
  • Profound study and integration of the four shins in theory and practice for a correct interpretation of the Hara.


  • Profound study of the five elements in diagnosis.
  • The study of the eight principles yin/yang, kyo/jitsu, hyo/ri, cold/warm.
  • Further study of the face and tongue diagnosis.
  • Further study of kyo and jitsu in relation to the meridians and their symptoms.


1st weekend: Introduction to hara-diagnosis with the use of Setsu-Shin.

2nd weekend: Hara-diagnosis with confirmation of Setsu-Shin on specific areas of the back, back-diagnosis.

3rd weekend: Hara- and back-diagnosis in relation to organic and psychological aspects of the five elements / transformations. Connections of the Yu-points and Bo-points

4th weekend: Further study of the five elements in diagnosis in relation to the eight branches: yin/yang, kyo/jitsu (full / empty), hyo/ri (outside / inside), cold/warm.

5th weekend: Eastern manipulations techniques.

6th weekend: Test exam with guest patients.

After completion of the third year the student can already register at the vocational union B.A.T.C. and become applicable for compensation by insurance companies. You will find more information on the B.A.T.C. website.

Here you can find the course dates Shiatsu Level 3A and 3B.
You will find the recommended literature for this course on the booklist page.


About Instructor

  • Alan Nash

    Alan Nash was born in London on May 14, 1946 and came to the Netherlands in 1979 as a computer expert. He chose a different path and followed a study "Bio-metabolism European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients" with Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar and Shiatsu training at Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. He then studied traditional oriental medicine and diagnostics under Yuichi Kawada Sensei and Kazunori Sasaki. He graduated cum laude and founded the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu. In the years that followed, Alan specialized in treating patients who cannot be helped within mainstream medicine.
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