Lunteren Seminar at The Hague

Alan Nash
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Costs: € 550,- incl. registration fee | Date: Friday 2 July till Wednesday7 July 2021 (6 consecutive days | Teacher Alan Nash |

Lunteren Seminar at The Hague

This Seminar will take place in our school/in the Dojo at Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 197-199 from Friday 2 July until Wednesday 7 July (6 consecutive days). Time: 10am- 5pm; bring your own lunch with you. We maintain here the same rules/regulations of our Government. Dependent on that it may be only Online.

During these 6 days we will concentrate on meditation, shiatsu techniques and dignosis. Special attention is given to the sixty classic element points and their connections. In addition, a number of specialised techniques are taught such as "koppo" (Jitsu distribution technique) en "sotai" (manipulation techniques). The programme is complemented with exercises outside in the woods and vicinity, and special training in sensitivity, awareness, intuition and observation.

During this week there is little contact with the outside world. The silence and continuity, without distractions, enable more concentration and deepening of the experience and feeling of working with Ki.


About Instructor

  • Alan Nash

    Alan Nash was born in London on May 14, 1946 and came to the Netherlands in 1979 as a computer expert. He chose a different path and followed a study "Bio-metabolism European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients" with Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar and Shiatsu training at Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. He then studied traditional oriental medicine and diagnostics under Yuichi Kawada Sensei and Kazunori Sasaki. He graduated cum laude and founded the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu. In the years that followed, Alan specialized in treating patients who cannot be helped within mainstream medicine.
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