The classrooms in our school are equipped with three professional air cleaning devices. The devices suck in all the air and filter the sucked in air through a HEPA filter that makes all viruses harmless and kills them with specific UV-C light, which damages the DNA / RNA structure of the virus and prevents it from multiplying. The devices are working 24 hours a day.

Of course we cannot guarantee that a device will catch a virus particle before someone has been able to inhale it, but it significantly reduces the chance because infection occurs through clusters of droplets or aerosols (which are also collected by the air purifiers).

Because of the check-in protocol that screens all students who want to enter the school, students can now feel a lot safer compared to the risk of contamination while shopping, visiting the home or other gatherings.

UV-C light is, among other things, the standard for disinfection and sterilization in hospitals and doctors' practices and is highly effective in filtering pollen, mould and other allergens that can cause respiratory irritation. It is good to know that of a person who has not been tested for corona, but still carries the virus (or another source of infection that spreads through the air), the aerosols and microdroplets are also made harmless by the UV-C screening.

Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you have a test performed for yourself and others before participating in a weekend or course / seminar, especially if you have come into contact with strangers at meetings, gatherings or parties.

We have made our learning and practice environment safer than most people have done for their own living environment. We encourage our students to also take responsibility for their own safety and that of others, especially if they already have a practice.

Download the Corona protocol.

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