NSKS online shiatsu lesson

The second helpful practical lesson in Shiatsu for yourself. For everyone who is not an expert so you can all benefit from this practice and have the power to make yourself and your safe partner feel better in times of unrest and confusion.

I hope you can enjoy it and when it works for you let us know. Your feedback will help us make each lesson better for you. Your questions are welcome. Private lessons online are coming.

Thank you all and stay well.

If you missed the first movie you can see it here NSKS Shiatsu lesson and tips 1.



Alan Nash

Alan Nash was born in London on May 14, 1946 and came to the Netherlands in 1979 as a computer expert. He chose a different path and followed a study "Bio-metabolism European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients" with Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar and Shiatsu training at Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. He then studied traditional oriental medicine and diagnostics under Yuichi Kawada Sensei and Kazunori Sasaki. He graduated cum laude and founded the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu. In the years that followed, Alan specialized in treating patients who cannot be helped within mainstream medicine.
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