Alan Nash, NSKS

One of the things about these times which is so important is saving energy and being calm. As you can see, Alan has taken time to be warm and quiet in the garden.

We do a lot better when we do advanced DO-IN. Especially our students, who like so many others, have to be extra careful when they are using shiatsu to help their colleagues, friends and family. If you are touching, you can still use latex gloves and since people being treated with shiatsu do not have to remove clothing, then the trusted ones can be helped.

There have been two videos published and as the days go on and Microsoft has given Skype the ability to have a gathering of up to 20 people, we are working on a few more helpful lessons to deal with the blast of our current situations.

Coming up soon are some PDFs with a set of points to deal with stress and burnout for people who know points and meridians. We will keep the videos simple so that everyone can continue to help themselves. There are already meetings online with one of our teachers so that DO-IN can be practised in a group and like all of you, we do our points, exercises and Moxa to keep us calm and boost our immune system.

Please remember the tongue exercises and relaxed, focussed breathing. Less internal body stress means a healthier stronger person.

Wishing you the very best and our private lesson clients too. We recommend that the simple exercises in our first two videos be practised by you all. You can see anti fear exercises on our youtube channel  which have not changed since 2007. Please enjoy. They have much more meaning for most people now. See you soon online and please stay safe.

Alan Nash

Alan Nash werd op 14 mei 1946 geboren in Londen en kwam in 1979 als computer deskundige naar Nederland. Hij koos een ander pad en volgde een studie ‘Bio metabolism European Laboratory for Nutrition and Nutrients’ bij Professor Drs. E.F. Vogelaar én de Shiatsu opleiding bij Yoshinori Miyashita in Amsterdam. Daarna studeerde hij onder Yuichi Kawada Sensei en Kazunori Sasaki traditionele oosterse geneeskunde en diagnostiek. Hij slaagde cum laude en richtte de Nederlandse School voor Klassieke Shiatsu op. In de jaren daarna heeft Alan zich gespecialiseerd in het behandelen van patiënten die binnen de reguliere geneeskunde niet geholpen kunnen worden.