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Shiatsu Therapist

During the, at hbo level accredited, 4-year shiatsu therapist diploma course, you will learn to master the professional competences and study traditional oriental medicine and philosophy. It's more than just a way to learn a good profession, it gives you insights that lead to personal growth.

Help others heal

Shiatsu enhances the self-healing capacity of the body. With a shiatsu treatment you remove the blockages in the energy channels so that the life energy "Ki" can flow freely again. It gives great satisfaction to be able to positively influence the quality of a person's life in this way.


NSKS Shiatsu - What's happening

Hello everyone,

With the new rules here in the Netherlands we will be closed as a school until at least June the first. If everyone follows the rules then we might restart a little later. In the meantime we are setting private lessons and tips online, which is slower than we would like but safety comes first.

If you read this dear students, please inform your colleagues who do not use Facebook or Linkedin so that they may know what is happening. This means that the diploma course will start when we have permission to do so and that goes for private lessons as well. We are making a start tomorrow with some simple films which will contain demonstrations and advice. They will be published for everyone as soon as they are edited and put online. The secretariat is closed for the moment as our volunteer lady has been asked to stay at home for now as, like so many is in the high risk group and we want to protect her too.

Thank you for all the likes and best wishes and we want you all to stay healthy too. In the meantime please practise the tongue exercise and get some moxa to do the points that are recommended for strengthening your immune systems. Like stomach 36, Conception vessel 6, Pericardium 6. Many of the points and more can be found in the following article: HOW COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) IS CURRENTLY TREATED IN CHINA WITH TCM.

Many students have communicated that they have renewed inspiration with practising Shiatsu on themselves and how much more it means to them. This also applies to their emotional and mental ease which everyone can use.

While we are obligated to follow the rules as laid out by the Dutch government we are setting an interactive online portal where we can arrange live contact with those of you who who have a webcam. Our work goes on here because our approach to health embraces Oriental techniques which already helped so many people in our current situation. You will hear more from us shortly.

Bless you all and stay safe,

Alan Nash

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€ 1.100

Shiatsu level 1

Anushka Hofman
Accredited at hbo level. In the first year, the foundation is laid for future professional practice.
€ 1.100

Shiatsu level 2

Sebastiaan van Leeuwen
Accredited at hbo level. In the second year the study of the meridian system forms the central theme.
NSKS Alan Nash
€ 1.100

Shiatsu level 3

Alan Nash
Accredited at hbo level. In the third year the focus is on diagnosis using Setsu Shin (touch).
€ 1.100

Shiatsu level 4

Yuichi Kawada
Accredited at hbo level. The 4th year taught by Japanese teacher Sensei Kawada, treats the 8 “Curious Vessels".
NSKS Basis- en familiecursus
€ 140

Shiatsu and Do-In basic course

Alan Nash
For the entire family. A combination of Do-In and Shiatsu: “Ki” development and meridian stretches and basic techniques of Classical Shiatsu.
Locatie weekseminar NSKS in Lunteren
€ 825

Transformational week seminar

Alan Nash
Accredited at hbo level. Featuring the 60 classic element points and specialised techniques such as 'koppo' & 'sotai' (tapping & manipulation techniques).
€ 185

Diagnosis Seminar

Alan Nash
Accredited at hbo level. Teaches students how to obtain diagnostics using conversational techniques, anamnesis, and treatment.
€ 185

Meridians Seminar

Alan Nash
Accredited at hbo level. Intended to further enhance and deepen your existing knowledge of the meridian system and theory.

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