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Welcome to our Open Day!

Twice a year, the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu invites you to come and take a look at what we do. See, taste, feel en enjoy the healing power of shiatsu with free lessons, demonstrations, diagnosis and treatment. Don't miss it. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

NSKS Open Dag

De volgende Open Dag zal plaatsvinden op 7 februari 2021 Live Online vanuit de Dojo via ZOOM. De NSKS zal alle belangstellenden opnieuw online verwelkomen.

Op de open dag kun je online shiatsu en Do-In demonstraties en lessen volgen en word je geïnformeerd over onze hoogwaardige opleidingen en bijscholingen op hbo-niveau.

We zullen jullie op een veilige manier voorlichten over de heilzame werking van shiatsu. Professioneel, verantwoordelijk en vol praktische tips en oplossingen voor veel hedendaagse ongemakken.


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Momenteel gelden de maatregelen van de RIVM/Overheid (minimaal 5 en maximum of 10 students in the Dojo, 5 couples each from one household, so - "safe partners").


The classrooms in our school are equipped with three professional air cleaning devices. The devices suck in all the air and filter the sucked in air through a HEPA filter that makes all viruses harmless and kills them with specific UV-C light, which damages the DNA / RNA structure of the virus and prevents it from multiplying. The devices are working 24 hours a day.

Of course we cannot guarantee that a device will catch a virus particle before someone has been able to inhale it, but it significantly reduces the chance because infection occurs through clusters of droplets or aerosols (which are also collected by the air purifiers).

Read more about how these air cleaning devices work.
Download our Corona protocol


11 am 11.30 am Do-In and introduction
11.30 am 12 am Presentation Classical Shiatsu
12 am 1 pm Short lesson in shiatsu techniques and working with Ki
1 pm 2 pm Q & A about symptom management with references
2 pm 2.15 pm Questions before closure
2.15 pm Closure

Informatieboekje NSKS

For those interested, we have created a beautiful brochure full of information about shiatsu and all training options at the Dutch School of Classical Shiatsu.

Je kunt hier het informatieboekje De Stille Kracht die Geneest gratis downloaden.
Also available in English: The Quiet Power to Heal