diagnose seminar september 2019

Hi everyone,

We have been very busy as our season has started with a lot of activities.

We just finished a wonderful weekend seminar of live diagnosis and treatment where students and practitioners bring their client volunteers to be a part of our investigation of symptoms and problems at all levels.

Our students are from all four years of the diploma course and they learn so much from their colleagues and teachers about how to approach, diagnose and treat clients. It's always a win, win, win situation where the client leaves feeling better and the student or therapist (also from other schools and professional associations) can help their clients even more. The enthusiasm is high and results are effective.

I want to thank everyone there who helped and learned, and the volunteers who came with them. May many more enjoy this unique opportunity. You can find the next seminar at the following link: Agenda and course dates.

Don't forget to check out our new diploma course starting Saturday , October 12:  Shiatsu level 1.

Looking forward to seeing you and we still have room for you.

The NSKS team

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